The shred slave

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Dear goddess Syonera, Today I would like to finish the requested report of
our last meeting on November 5th, 2012 in Dresden. It was an intense, eventful and varied session. Packed with many highlights and, thanks to the many hours, first of all sapping energy, but also giving fresh strength for the next few weeks. As always, there was an email exchange before the encounter with the goddess Syonera. Actually no longer necessary because we’ve been meeting regularly for a few years now. On the other hand, it always stimulates the imagination, expands the scope and always leaves something open. After all, no script should be worked through, only the framework should be defined. In addition, there are always surprises because the mails are carefully saved and something can happen that the
slave has long forgotten some details. In the emails, 11 a.m. was first mentioned as the beginning. But after my last appointment confirmation via SMS, I was shocked. I should be there by 10 a.m. I wanted to get 2 birthday vouchers for the goddess at Douglas first … So I tried to buy some time under an excuse. Contrary to expectations, I was lucky. The goddess agreed, and I was given a 30-minute delay. So I was able to ring the studio bell punctually at 10:30. It didn’t take long and I got “free” entry. But not very far. Right behind the front door I was pressed against the wall after the door was closed, turned around with strong move and spat in the face at once. Shortly afterwards there was another jolt and the shirt came off me in larger tatters. The goddess once again had fun tearing up my things or cutting them up. Because after the shirt came the pants, then the slip. The small tail hung out freely, the pants, the shirt, were only a few tatters. The pants were just held by the button in the waistband, the shirt off my shoulders. So ridiculous it was now up the stairs to the studio. Off to the cage. Since the goddess probably didn’t want to look at this anymore, I had to completely undress right there. Barely finished, an arm was handcuffed to the bars. But the mistress did not like this either really. The little cock, full of hair … Come on, clean off! I want to see something neat! Approx. 30 minutes later I was finally allowed out. But my situation didn’t really get any better. There was about 1200 ml of enema. This made me shiver again because I got significantly less liquid injected into my ass during the last visit, but couldn’t hold it there. What happens if I let everything out again? Or does the mistress still take the unloved plug today, because it is way too big for my too tight asshole? Will she now also begin to enlarge my rear, not yet accessible entrance, after the sack has already started to enlarge due to the constant spraying? The plug stayed away, I was left alone again, pinched my back door as tightly as possible and was successful. Everything stayed in place. I was also able to survive the shaving of the stomach and chest area without any “accident”. I was left alone for seemingly endless minutes.
However, this was no longer my only “construction site”. With my ass under control, I got the feeling that I also had to pee. We were around, roughly 90 minutes. With my feet cold despite good heating, this feeling got stronger and stronger. But I can’t just pee now. Because then the ass can no longer be kept under control. And that from this height of the gyn – that can only cause huge trouble. So I took all my courage and confessed to the goddess on her next visit that I had to. She smiled so heartily that I knew right away that nothing good would follow. And so it was. For the second time I was given a catheter. But not only this one, but also a cannula for the subsequent injection with 3 bottles of NaCl. Another 750ml, which pulls the
sack down for 2 days, which makes it almost impossible to go to the toilet properly, which can hardly be hidden at home … The catheter, can be seen in the last picture. In this case, it was also good that, at least until then, I wasn’t trapped in the latex sack. I had to endure this feeling over a year ago. Sweating nicely, also there was lots of NS from source to drink, sometimes just on the body. Then the bag closed again and I was in the NS. But it didn’t just stay with the mistress NS. No, no other mistresses came as well. Even there I had to pee myself and was now lying in my own piss … Finally the
mistress was with me again. But there was the next bitter news. However the mistress came up with it, she got a little plug and began to push it into mine, as she always says “warmly” – asshole in training. So that it doesn’t fall out again, I had to pull a tight rubber panty over it. So it went into the latex bag after all. The unequivocal order to hold up the sack and the mistress’ NS ran into it. Come on! Rub in and sweat in it! Fortunately, this time it was the usual huge amounts, so I didn’t have to bathe in them completely. the Mistress left… This time it didn’t take that long before the mistress appeared again. But even the visit did not suggest anything good. Because the mistress pushed 2 chocolate eggs into her divine butt and sat with relish on my face. Come on! Lick my ass cheeks! Jerk off and cum at 10! In complete high spirits, just hoping that the goddess doesn’t have to really answer my wish, I asked after the time had run out if she could shit on me today; I can’t even stand the smell of a fart, let alone the following KV. I have already puked 2x, when the mistress shit on my fat belly, before.
But now I couldn’t get out. Hardly said, the mistress took off her panties and sat down on my face again. This time without any protection for me and with the order to lick the hole of her beautiful bottom and to keep my mouth open. I quickly began to jerk off harder so as not to have to “pay” too much for my cockiness. But already the first bits came. But those were the remains of the chocolate eggs. However, the next load was much bitter, so I tried to get out from under her butt. But now the mistress was merciless. She pressed herself on it even more tightly, I swallowed in fear and the mistress got up. She smiled at me, she had now brought me over a border again. Admittedly “only” a very small amount, but you now had your tattered slave so far. I have now swallowed her divine KV for the first time … In humility
Your tattered slave