REAL SM—, CLINIC TOTAL — TOILET TRAINING (complete) – for those experienced & for beginners the offer the best start––




Experience a deeper & new method to bring you into my power. HYPNOSIS. There is more between Heaven and Hell than we think. If you can let yourself go and trust me, then you will experience yourself anew. Blockages can be resolved, smoking cessation is possible, chastity can help you. A lot is possibilities, but above all are you closer to your mistress than before … Dare yourself.

Reincarnation therapies can also be used.

(Reincarnation therapy or regression therapy is an esoteric method of alternative medicine based on the teachings of reincarnation. In the scientific and legal sense, this method is not recognized as psychotherapy or healing method, but it is quite popular with esotericists A multitude of earth lives exist. Current psychological and physical problems can be caused by earlier incarnations. Memories of past lives are possible. Learning from previous lives is also possible (Western interpreted karma teaching). Entanglement with traumas from earlier earth lives can also be caused by love and forgiveness in current life. This means that greater awareness and healing can also be achieved in the current earth life of the clients. – source wikipedia)