REAL SM—, CLINIC TOTAL — TOILET TRAINING (complete) – for those experienced  & for beginners we offer the best introduction—




I can train you via Whats up, but also via Skype, Email, Facebook (FB), letters or cam. You are free to choose what you can. Tributes are asked.

A photo of your choice for 20 euros each (resolution 20 x 30 cm by print or online in the highest resolution)

With a present like something NS, a pissed thong, stumps, etc. from me, you are there for 40 euros. If you even want my tasty cavier KV it is then 80 euros.

For Blackmail questuoinatire:




Tell me what you can afford & how you can perform. Then name how you want to pay – by: transfer, cash letter, Amazon voucher, Paypal, Paysafe, Cash & Go (there is a meeting just to give the money, maybe you can kiss my boots, pumps and then you will be sent away again. ) & notarized promissory notes

So it only works in advance. Once I have completed your tribute & your questionnaire, your upbringing begins.






One of the most powerful means of controlling the slave is through his greed for sexual fulfillment. If a key mistress has your sex drive under control, you are entirely in her hand. A chastity belt made of plastic or metal is put on the slave, the mistress takes all the keys (of course it will be Syonera’s lock) and the key is the mistress;s from that moment on. The lady will decide with relish how long the slave will not have an orgasm. Even begging all the way will then no longer be of any use. At regular meetings, the slave is released from the chastity belt for hygienic reasons under the supervision of the key mistress and can then only hope for the mistress’ mercy.

ONLINE solution: You buy a KG (that’s also possible from me) if you don’t have one. Then you buy a marked combination lock from me for 20.00. I send it to & you put it on. As proof, I only accept a photo with the daily newspaper. The later information is only given by my pricing of the combined numbers.

The tribute is determined in advance. You can also borrow an adjustable Platik KG for a deposit.


Syonera von Styx