Atelier Exposure Dresden

The homepage of Studio Dresden can be found here.

You can find the location trailer for Dresden here.

The new milking machine


If you are interested in staying on a farm with stables, please contact me. That would only be possible near Dresden. I will use this great & generous location extensively in my next extreme film.
The studio under the leadership of “Syonera Von Styx” is a place where you can meet genuinely dominant ladies and servants. A neat and exquisite ambience with multiple well equipped rooms, including black and white cabinets, rooms equipped for long term stay and wildest fantasies. 
Furthermore, we have specious area about 100m² with special featured rooms in the most original set ups, including a medieval vaulted cellar, with original prison door (of course suitable for overnight stays, if you dare), a real hole z, B. for NS games, stand cages, torture rooms, a tiled interrogation room …. Many people tried to copy, we have the original real experience.
You can also try and feel the experience over a stretching bench, a pull/ elevating you up up up, a cage, St. Andrew’s crosses, pillory, genital pillory, love swing, torture couch, bondage & toilet chairs, torture swing, gyn chair, operating table, bondage rack, dental chair, hairdressing chair, fuck hole, black box, standing cages, NS- chains-bank,  Thrones, horse-drawn carriages (see Pro 7 performance), TV corner and baby gate also available.
In brief a special treat for those truly engaged into BDSM life and the best possible start for beginners… 
So join us for infinite possibilities of living out your fantasy, imaginative roles, and playing your games:
  • Free-range education,
  • fetishes (nylon, latex, lacquer, leather …), therapy..
  • Living toilet (NS, KV, spitting on)
  • English Education, 
  • Anal treatment, prostate stimulation,
  • Pets training, horse, dog, pig, 
  • Pupil, TV, baby education
  • Community and long-term education,
  • Complex clinic practices (injections, cut, catheter …)
  • Strict interrogations, tattoos, 
  • Being used as ashtray .., 
  • bondage, kidnapping, and much more

The location – outside

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The location – entrance / inner courtyard

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1st role play room – black cabinet

bondage, suspensions, slave rape (with dildos), foot eroticism, trampling, facesitting, breath reduction, soft to hard flogging, cane, tail and nipple torture, branding
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2nd role play room – long term cabinet

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Rubber & hairdressing salon

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White cabinet

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Lounge / video screening room

_wsb_216x323_bar_9995 _wsb_253x379_4___ _wsb_286x329_5_4 _wsb_408x228_20160313_141503_

Bar / meeting room

Here, in a non-fetish/SM ambience, you can have deep psychological or just open conversations.

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Locker room

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1st bathroom  

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2nd bathroom

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_wsb_180x339_dscf5552_ _wsb_245x367_4_ _wsb_256x384_9_2_ _wsb_299x447_9_

Vaulted cellar – hallway

_wsb_253x370_10_8_ _wsb_253x379_dscf5573_ _wsb_316x211_dscf5558_ gewoelbekeller

Interrogation room & hole 

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1st black cabinet


2nd black cabinet



_wsb_293x219_11 _wsb_326x218_10_6_


_wsb_224x334_dscf5578_ _wsb_391x261_dscf5577_

Bizzar food
It is now possible to join Lady Syonera & your dream ladies to experience an exquisite meal in a bizarre atmosphere (i.e. in the Atelier Exposure). Now you don’t only have the option eat with one of the ladies, but also enjoy the company of more ladies and taste, an experience accompanied by intensive SM / fetish conversations. Yes it can be for beginners who want to learn more about this world in an appropriate setting, but also for intense experts and connoisseurs.
The studio is located near the city center, but on a mostly unpaved street near the Elbe. So undisturbed parking is plentiful. Of course, nothing in the house suggests the bizarre world, so the privacy and anonymity of the guests are guaranteed.
How to reach the studio
Take Motorway exit Dresden-Neustadt
after the AB exit turn towards the center & at the next Intersection towards Pirna / Prague. Then straight on to the Aral petrol station. Turn left before that, You can find out more details by contacting us or checking the address.
Opening hours
Daily from 10 a.m. till late evening, Yet By appointment only!  ( short notice are ok and possible to arrange. 
If you have any further questions, just  call: Madame Syonera at 0049 (0) 179/710 44 99 
If you would like to immerse yourself in the world of SM on your own, you can rent a room at the “Atelier Exposure”.  This is possible daily from 10 am till 10 pm. Full studio booking option is available, rooms,  In addition fresh towels, non-alcoholic drinks, etc….are available. You have to understand that the ID must be shown briefly for new guests. Confidentiality and anonymity are of course a paramount priority.
Rental booking can only be done via Syonera Von Styx tel 0049 179 710 44 99
Fees per person are 50 euro, and can stay  from 10 am to 10 p.m. to 10 a.m. 
You pay small surcharges for full latex as a guest in a session, total clinic (catheters, infusions …) or KV.  
We have snacks at our bar, lots of hot & cold drinks, non-alcoholic & alcoholic.  You will hardly miss anything.  This is a service from our house – so free.  Of course those are for groups bookings, so that you can enjoy everything together.
Reviews from our Guests, love that we really live and love the experience, Nobody in my studio will look at the clock and stop exactly after an hour…we are here to enjoy not to count minutes.
You can simply reach out to discuss fees with our ladies.
Since we only advise / treat healthy people, we cannot accept people with sickness certificates.
Welcome to Atelier Exposure Dresden.