Your own blood painting

…Do you dare? Are you maso enough I’ll scratch my initials into your skin or your slave number that I gave you. With a Kleenex paper, I’ll quickly go over it & a great picture of your blood will emerge. You can then frame that etc. & it will always remind you of our great session in a unique way. More can follow. Are you ready for something new?


This is done by the following mistresses in the SvS chalet: Syonera, Medusa Manie, and in the SM train station Mistress Syonera.







For true gourmets. Two goddesses generously donate everything to you. We take our time. While we are dining and drinking, you serve us, you might be locked away during production/ baking time. The lay time is free. Perhaps we will be forced to feed you qne fill you up. You can make the cream too. EAT (friss) just like the famous Syonera film.



SM Doppel


Translation in progress


Unsere TV Schlampen:


Bitch Lulu                                

Well deserves the name. She is absolutely extremely dirty and is aware of her role as a filthy bitch. Anyone who has used her once will keep coming back no matter what is asked. Toilet services are right at the top. Ingestion of NS, spit, sperm … Taboos are beatings, blood and forbidden things, for men, women, couples, dwt, Tv, Ts and crossdressers. She serves everyone – just let yourself be surprised & be amazed!


Bitch Stefanie is a submissive & permanently chaste slut (182cm, mid 40s), who can be included in sessions. So it is accessible & an excellent wind player (with protection).





You will be given the place, date & time & will wait there with the identifier, our questionnaire & the tribute. You will wait very anxiously. The minutes will seem like hours to you. The two ladies will kidnap you with the black van & then helplessly at their mercy …


SM, fetishes for people with disabilities transcend stupid taboos….

We (Syonera from Styx & Medusa Manie) have no reservations and have extensive special experiences. It’s a hushed-up topic. But people in wheelchairs, disabled, spastic, deaf, autistic or with Down syndrome … have fetishes & SM fantasies. Let’s realize it & don’t exclude anyone. So just register one day earlier in the Atelier Exposure with the lady of your choice. Through our wide doors & stairs to the 1st floor & with a nice, helping hand (for wheelchair users) you can let yourself go in our great ambience of the Atelier Exposure. We also offer home visits in Saxony. Of course, there will be no time stress, we don’t look at the watch we enjoy the experience together.



Clinic special

You will be examined thoroughly & everything will be summarized in the our reports

A diagnosis is possible & so I can carry out an appropriate therapy. This can include anything in the white area. Through my findings, aura & knowledge, you will be quickly “healed” …. I will face you in a smock, in high heels, boots, dividers & my stethoscope. A nurse will hold hands if necessary & you can look into her deep, usual neckline. Who knows what else if you are good! Special: 2 women for 80%!




One of the most powerful means of controlling the slave is through his greed for sexual fulfillment. If a key mistress has your sex drive under control, you are entirely in her hand. A chastity belt made of plastic or metal is put on the slave, the mistress takes all the keys and is his key mistress from that moment on. The lady will decide with relish how long the slave will not have an orgasm. Even begging everything will then no longer be of any use. At regular meetings, the slave is released from the chastity belt for hygienic reasons under the supervision of the key mistress and can then only hope for the mistress’ mercy. The tribute is determined in advance. It is always better to buy your own belt (preferably the Cb 6000 from Meo …). A metal belt or CB 6000 can also be borrowed for a deposit.


Cleaning / work slave

Thorough and hard-working slaves also have the opportunity to apply to one of the mistresses as a personal cleaning slave. In the eyes of the mistress, this should have the perfect qualities of a working slave and servant. He is responsible for doing all household chores. In addition, for all pending work on the house, yard and garden. He is trained for this and has to serve as a cleaning slave in his spare time. If required and agreed, he can also be given to friends etc. as a cleaning and work slave. It would be even better if he had manual skills. Work clothes such as convict suits, TV outfits … can be provided. Otherwise you do it naked. Of course, the work is checked meticulously and punished for misconduct. The tribute is determined in advance.


Party, holiday accompaniment

Would you like to go to a party with an adored mistress or slave, perform for her & serve in most ways and options that are envied by everyone? The mistresses & slaves are all visually eye-catching & have the appropriate aura, which attract everyone’s attention at every party. Since they know how to dress and act naturally, anonymity is preserved. Nobody knows that you are her slave – and a hidden game begins.

Or you wish to be accompanied to a fetish party in order to be chained or led on a leash by the most beautiful mistress / the most well-behaved slave far and wide.

An unforgettable vacation companion for a trip of a special kind. Do you dream of spending a vacation with a beautiful lady with a natural disposition? A vacation in which you will not only enjoy the sun and landscape, but also let your fantasies run wild. A vacation that you will never forget, with a mistress / slave who will not only enrich your vacation visually, but with whom you can live out your fantasies and dreams every single vacation day. Whether at sea with a yacht, on safari or on a skiing holiday? Nothing is impossible. Experience your special vacation and let your imagination live!



Incarceration in the medieval cellar dungeon

You have had the fantasy of being locked away like the Count of Monte Christo for a long time? Chained to the wall in heavy iron shackles? Fixed in the dirt on an old, hard bed, with an original, heavy prison door with eye and flap. Sometimes the small cellar is brightly lit, sometimes fully black, it Is always based on the mistress likes and whims. If the slave is taken out of the cell, it may go into the hole with a grate over it. You can excellently pee over it … etc .. Then usually in the basement in the white-tiled interrogation room is strictly questioned. Also sitting there on a stool, chained to the wall, blinded with the interrogation lamp in your face … You will confess everything … Maybe broken. But you will reach your limit …. But then the torture does not have to be over. In the 100-year-old vaulted cellar there are 2 torture rooms with rack, throne, cross, goat and pillory. Unique, original ambience – this is how the Inquisition comes to life again. In this basement there is another stable behind a heavy steel door. So everyone is brought down from his high horse. Hours of punishment (see photo) can be experienced in the hallway. …How embarrassing when other women should walk there …. So many great opportunities! Try them out.

One day earlier you should call for an appointment.



Branding / Tattoo

Are you absolutely sure that you have the right mistress & are you brave enough to engrave her name on your body? Then you have something special here. THE INITIALS of your mistress in your skin as branding or tattoo! You can hide this or wear it with pride if you can afford it. But the fact is that hardly anyone has that. Almost all ladies of the Atelier Exposure offer this for their slaves. Of course, the ladies have been given adequate training in this. Just call your adored mistress.


Wax hair removal

It is painful & characteristic … You are at the mercy of the lady, she is nice, she only wet shaves you on the chest, in the genital area, maybe even legs, arms & armpits. If you are unlucky & the ladie is sadistic, you will feel the hot wax there. And ZACK with a violent jerk of the fleece she willingly tear your hair out. So it becomes painful at first, then embarrassing to take a shower at the sports club / at work & then it crawls terribly when everything grows back again. Lovely! And only you know what is the story behind all of this.



Serve divas

In our team, the ladies are real ladies. With lots of jewelry, expensive coats, costumes, evening dresses, gloves … .. just like in the “Venus in Furs” the slave is only too happy to serve and suffer. If you book a session with several ladies, you get a bonus.

So – experience true style, perfect ladies.



overnight stay

Whether in the cage in the black area, in the new bar / lounge area,  fixed on the steel bed & entertained with continuous SvS films or in the basement on the bed, many options come and try them all.



1 day in the Atelier Exposure

Are you brave enough to last a day in the SM house? You will serve various ladies as a toy, perhaps as a toilet. Tortured for a day, served, interrogated, humiliated, exhibited, fixed … The slave becomes naked, in TV clothes, as a prisoner or in latex clothes. In the “rest phases” you will be locked away in a cage in the black cabinet or in the basement – this is also possible in a latex sack or bondage. Likewise, the slave is often locked with his head up in the aisle in the black box or at the bar in the cage table. So you have no escape & are mercilessly exposed to the gaze of the other dominatrixes who pass by. Approx. 6 pure treatment hours per day are realistic expecations. So you will definitely come to your limits.