What is SM / Fetish?

REAL SM—, CLINIC TOTAL — TOILET TRAINING (complete) – for those involved & for beginners the best introduction—


“To educate a person means to help him to find himself.”


Madame Syonera`s thoughts on the subject:

SM is mainly practiced from applied psychology. Everyone has the disposition of sadism (desire to experience the torment of others) and masochism (desire to gain from one’s torment under certain circumstances), which are a contrast, but nourish themselves from this correlation. The ratio and amount differ for each individual. This is due to our disposition, our environment, our knowledge of special personal preferences and how we deal with them. Many people have no knowledge of such tendencies as such, as they are negligible. Others know about it, but don’t want to see it for fear of public exclusion. But one cannot be satisfied with that in the long run, because these tendencies become stronger and create space for themselves.

Those who accept each other in their entirety know e.g. by experienced dominant women their limits and can also expand them there. So it is a kind of self-discovery that is brought to you through intensive conversations and living out your fantasies. The sole fetish e.g. on paint, feet, rubber … is not SM, but enrichment. The fantasies that are connected with it, where “role plays / situations” arise between the playmate and the lady, yes!

SM is not a glorification of violence! Possibly a tool application, e.g. the whip is used by masochists to relax & mentally switch off, to expand the contrast between dominant / submissive and to subdue the passive mind and body. Sexual acts like French & intercourse … do not take place between the lady & the passive.


The Ruler

She is always the active person who is very strong spiritually, but sensitive. Furthermore she has qualities like intelligence, imagination, sadism and
flexibility. Every second, she is responsible for the mental and physical well-being of the passive and decides on the appropriate combination of the
session / treatment / consultation …

Your dominance is underscored by the fact that you never expose yourself to your delinquents. Mostly she wears tight, erotic clothes made of lacquer, leather or latex. There are no sexual acts on their part. After an intensive preliminary talk (especially with new guests) she knows what fantasies / preferences her counterpart has. She relieves fears and anxieties, knows new ways and lets her inclinations, coupled with those of the slave, run free. It’s a give and take. Very good rulers will pave their way into the thoughts of the follower through her charisma. It creates the acceptance of the passives for their inclinations / fantasies by living them out paired with

“Fears are instilled in us & can, if we only want to, be drawn back again.”


what the slaves / maids / passives / playmates / servants …

These people go to like-minded people at parties, advisory / accompanying fetish / SM establishments as guests (for one or more hours), as house servants (who is always available for the dominant lady) or as serfs. Of course, you can also do this privately at home, at the appropriate regulars’ tables or sometimes at practice in public. They are masochistic or submissive, whereby the latter is always submissive to everyone, not just submissive to dominant ladies so the purpose is what makes the a difference “to be brought by the high horse”.

So it is by no means stupid, weak, or even perverse / sick people who perform SM – on the contrary! These people have the imagination and the courage to live out their preferences and inclinations, although unfortunately the general public still has a vague and negative opinion of SM and there are many dubious institutions. Through SM you realize your way of life, expand your limits, let yourself go, relax and live out new fantasies. At SM you immerse yourself in a bizarre and different
world that will never let you go. You can break out of everyday life.

Last but not least, the basic requirements for really good SM are responsibility and trust.
This is the personal opinion of “Syonera Von Styx”