My way to the slave of Syonera of Styx

In the meantime I have known Mistress Syonera von Styx for 6 wonderful years. I still remember very clearly how afraid I was before our first session together. From their films and clips that I saw before the first meeting, I was full of doubts whether this would be such a good idea. But despite all the fears and doubts that accompanied my decision for a session with her, I took all the courage for my happiness today and still rang the doorbell. When Mistress Syonera von Styx opened the door for me for the first time, I was immediately overwhelmed by her wonderful appearance. Knowing how she is, she immediately recognized my nervousness and fears, which she knew how to put aside through her natural friendliness during the preliminary talk that followed. Although the chemistry between us was right from the start, it was reinforced during the follow-up
discussion of my first session with her. Unfortunately, their appointments were always very limited, which is why, to my regret, we were only
able to meet once a year for a session. But the foundation stone for my current slave existence was laid in 2014. After almost 2 years where we unfortunately could not meet for a session, we finally found a common date. The following session was, as always, of the highest intensity and was really great for me. During the follow-up discussion, which was really long and frivolous, something must have happened. I really can’t say exactly what the trigger was, but it was then that I felt the urge to serve this wonderful woman for the first time. Still another 15 long months should pass. In the meantime I kept thinking of 2014 and what had happened to me
back then. It was and still is an indescribable feeling. A feeling that should only intensify. Although I had been thinking for a long time about submitting myself to Syonera von Styx as a slave, my decision came only 2 days before August 27, 2015. When I had actually only booked one session with the future mistress. Because from then on my feelings had been pure chaos. I mean, I’m a goddamn freedom lover. Self-determined, strong and self-confident. And yet the mistress cast a spell over me with her strength and her charisma. So there was just one little problem left to do. How do i tell her; After pondering a lot about how to tell my mistress, I remembered the sessions. Whenever I gave her her present in the envelope, she asked me if I had enclosed a small letter as well. Unfortunately, I always had to say no. So I set out to handwrite my feelings for her and asked her if she was ready, to go one step further with me. During the whole journey on the train, I was suddenly overcome by fears. How is she going to react to all this? Will she think I’m a nut? Should I really hand over the letter to this wonderful woman at the risk of destroying everything that has been built up so far? Well then, at the agreed meeting point and after a short wait, the mistress drove up with her car. As always, the greeting was extremely friendly and there was no doubt that she, too, was pleased with me. She wore a black leather jacket, a thin red sweater underneath, black leather pants and looked just fantastic in them. She had to smile when she saw how I happily checked her great outfit from head to toe and got stuck on her black leather boots. On the drive to her domicile, we chatted innocently about this and that. I felt really tingly in my stomach, and so I actually involuntarily mentioned that this time I also have a letter for her in the envelope of the gift. Shit, I thought. There is no way back. Your own fault, you fool! But when I saw her joyful and tense surprise in her eyes, my
stomach got really tingly again and my nervousness rose immeasurably. and we Arrived at her domicile, rest is history