The Eroticon 2002 of No.7

I would like to thank you for the treatment on Friday. From 02/08/02 to 02/10/02 the goddess Syonera von Styx was at the erotic fair “Eroticon” in Warsaw at the invitation of Pinkpress. The invitation was based on a nomination by the goddess for the best fetish video. The German title
of the video, which can also be obtained through Syonera, is “The Devil”. Despite the very tight schedule of the goddess, she did not want to miss
the opportunity to get to know trade fairs outside of Germany, to bring her view of the SM closer to others and to explain them. I had the honor of accompanying Syonera von Styx and her maid to this fair. Despite my previous trade fair experience together with the goddess, I was very excited and curious about what to expect in Poland.

The 1st day – Fri. 02/08/02

Madame Syonera, her maid and I had got ready for the fair in the hotel and were picked up by a Pinkpress driver around 3 p.m. It must have been quite a shock for the hotel staff and the visitors in the lobby when Syonera von Styx and her companion walked through the entrance area to the car in full fetish outfit. You don’t see it every day in Catholic Poland. But the fact that the goddess represented herself as a matter of course left no doubt as to who was in control of the event. One of the greatest virtues of Syonera von Styx is to stand by what it does and what it represents and not to subordinate to any conventions. The exhibition center was reached after a short drive. Of course, Madame Syonera’s appearance immediately caught the attention of those present again. The organizers greeted the goddess and discussed the process with her while I stowed our things for the evening show. At around 4 p.m., an open interview was planned for those interested with Syonera von Styx and a local “erotic giant”. With some time left, the goddess decided to inspect the mass. Since I was not allowed to walk through the exhibition hall alone as a slave, the goddess attached a chain to my collar and I had to, led by her, accompany her with the necessary distance. As you could see from the looks and reactions of those present, they had never seen anything like it before. One thing struck me immediately, although we were the absolute exotic at the fair, there were no negative reactions at all to our appearance and on the other days of the fair, the goddess and her “entourage” were the focus of attention, wherever she was showed up, but we were always received with a lot of kindness, respect and curiosity. So not so uptight, thanks Poles. The trade fair, which was housed in a large hall, contained the same offers as other trade fairs in Germany, but was not as large as e.g. the Venus in Berlin. However, an effort had been made to entertain the visitors with various offers and shows. After the tour of the hall, the goddess came for an interview. Some interested people were already waiting to satisfy their curiosity. In the subsequent interview, which was translated by an interpreter, Madame Syonera cleared up some existing misconceptions about the SM area and made her point of view and attitude to it clear to those present. I had the impression that the goddess was doing a kind of “pioneering work” because the topic of SM was almost not familiar here or was classified in the porn sector. After the interview was over, Syonera von Styx treated herself to a little refreshment and then went on to the book signing at Pinkpress. Here the goddess gave autographs and signed her films with personal dedications. I am always impressed with the professionalism and serenity Madame Syonera represents. There was still some time to the show of the
goddess, so we went through the hall again in the usual picture, Madame Syonera and her maid in front and I afterwards. Goddess Syonera was asked again and again to interrupt their tour for a souvenir photo. During this time I also heard one or the other familiar word in German, since some German visitors have also come to Warsaw. They have also promised to send prints of your photos to the goddess, so that this report may also be accompanied by photos. Madame Syonera then watched a few more shows
on the sufficiently dimensioned stage and talked through the show schedule with her maid and me. It was time that the organizers announced again during the day that the Goddess Show began. To the sounds of Enigma, Madame Syonera stepped onto the stage, followed by her maid and her slave. The show of the goddess essentially consists of two parts. In the first, Syonera von Styx deals with her maid, with bondage, wax games, sector orgy and flogging being the themes. The second part focuses on the punishment of the slave. This takes place in the area of genital binding / weighting, needling, breast treatment and strong whipping. Since the organizer gave the goddess a free hand for the show, she did not have to make any major restrictions. As a participant, I was able to consciously follow the reactions of the audience. If most of the audience watched the whole thing very curiously or somewhat embarrassed at first, then they were at least a bit shocked at the area of the nipple needling. But only then, from my point of view, did the show succeed, as the SM topic can be explored and becomes a reality. The viewer should get an impression of the SM area and not a glorified picture, everyone can form his own opinion about it. The applause revealed that Syonera von Styx had once again put on a perfect show. A long day at the fair was over and I was happy to have a rest in the hotel.

The 2nd day – Sat. 02/09/02

Around 12 noon we went from the hotel to the Pinkpress publishing house to hold a photo shoot there. In the hotel the same procedure as the day before. The photo shoot started a bit chaotic, as the photographers had a slightly different idea of SM than Madame Syonera was used to. After a short explanation of the goddess in English the matter was settled and Syonera von Styx stood in front of the camera in full beauty and dominance. Her professionalism in dealing with the photographers and the camera was immediately evident. Impressive. Then the goddess staged
parts of her show with the maid and the slave for the cameras of the photographers. They were now completely enthusiastic and shot one film after the other. I hope that the goddess will also get material here so that a visual representation is possible, but that remains to be seen. After the shoot, the driver headed for the trade fair, where even more visitors than the day before crowded around the stands and stage. The goddess only had to appear and all eyes were on her again. This time I had a lot more trouble
following her, as more people were walking around than the day before. It always became particularly stressful when the goddess quickened her pace
and I had to be careful that nobody stepped between the chain on my collar and the goddess. Another book signing followed, a really excellent show of the goddess and a television interview for a French broadcaster, in which the goddess introduced herself and her profession and answered questions about the fair and the subject of SM. Then we went back to the hotel. Rest a little and then off to the grand gala with awards ceremony. What a shock that must have been for the hotel staff, when the three bizarre hotel guests actually came into the foyer in evening attire. I was really proud that Madame Syonera took me to the gala. It was a great honor for me to be able
to accompany this beautiful goddess to the climax of her so steep career. And here, too, only the word goddess fits when I try to describe her
appearance that evening. Very elegantly wrapped in a black dress, her hair tamed straight back, a magical sight. So I accompanied the two women to
the big eroticon gala. In principle, the gala was as you would imagine such a gala in the industry, with lightly or unclothed stars and starlets around it, lots of photographers and a few producers. But the whole thing is kind of interesting. Here, too, the goddess stood out from all the other ladies in a positive way through her extremely elegant appearance. A true goddess. I was allowed to take a seat on the right side of Madame Syonera and next to me sat a rather broad-shouldered guy. As I could see from our subsequent small talk, he was a well-known porn actor, but not at all to me. But it’s not my job either. He was in a really good mood and we had a lot of fun. food was also good and so it was a very relaxing and interesting evening for me.
In my opinion, the highlight of the evening was the award for the best fetish video. And there could only be one winner who made all competition pale,
Syonera von Styx. As usual confidently she walked elegantly to the handover, said a few words of thanks in English, briefly presented herself to the photographer and returned to the table armed with a rose and the prize. Even if it wasn’t the Venus Award that she just received, she was still
recognized for her excellent work and she earned this recognition through her professional attitude and hard work. The goddess has long enjoyed my admiration and appreciation.

The 3rd day – Sun. 02/10/02

It was to be a short last day at the fair. I was able to recover from yesterday and the party and sleep in really long. The goddess and her usual company did not appear at the mass until around 4 p.m. Again there were a lot of visitors and a real obstacle to reach the stage. At the final show,
Madame Syonera wanted to present something very special to the visitors. Syonera von Styx again presented her show very expressively and shortly
before the end she modified the show a little. I was forced to my knees by her, then she put a dog bowl on my back and I had to wait until there was her divine champagne in it, which she immediately gave me to the horror of the audience. This was the highlight of her successful trade fair
appearances in Warsaw and probably also made a lasting impression in the Polish capital. As a result of this visit to the fair, I am certain that the trip was well worth it. I was able to make new experiences, I was able to prove my devotion to the goddess and I hope to be able to support her at other events.

No. 7