The bittersweet demon

I think that the above title applies to the sadomasochism fetish. I’ve been living this out for 10 years, sometimes more and sometimes less. Every session makes me feel incredibly happy, but they also took their physical toll. In my last two experiences, the dominatrixes unintentionally exceeded my limits. With their lack of imagination, they showed that it was just about making money. I didn’t feel any fun or passion with them. After the second disappointment, I never wanted to visit a dominatrix again. But I absolutely had to experience the 20th KV session. Then I remembered my defloration. This was carried out by Syonera von Styx exactly 10 years ago. Back then it was a very brilliant experience. Since the schedule didn’t work out after that, I lost sight of her. I have been visiting her site for a long time, she should be in Dresden during my vacation time. I make an appointment with her and now it’s time to wait. The demon torments you every day with the SM fantasies, but from the time the next appointment is set, it really picks up speed! It’s unbelievable what ideas and different variants are haunted in your head. The last 2 nights before that turn into a nightmare. I wake up regularly and think about it. Unfortunately, it’s not just the fantasies, but the thoughts as to whether it is right to do it. Like almost everyone who practices SM, I lead a double life. One “normal” life would collapse for me like a house of cards if my goings-on became known there. So you have to time everything exactly, lie and prepare. What a shame. Perhaps the SM will one day get an acceptance in society that no longer makes something like this necessary. The night before I drink large amounts of schnapps to be able to fall asleep, but I wake up again at 3 a.m. Sleep is out of the question. I get on my bike early and start to Dresden much too early. I just can’t stand it at home anymore. The underground techno music is booming from the car radio until it stops and I step on the tube. My heart is racing. I’m already there 2.5 hours before the meeting point, so much too early. I am considering visiting a friend and am already at his door. At the last moment I decide not to ring the doorbell. It just doesn’t work now. I buy a bottle of water and shiver as I hand the money over to the saleswoman. What will she think ?! I drive back to the studio and park my car. I have to survive another 1.5 hours. Tormented, I stroll around the area and check my watch every minute. Time just doesn’t want to go by. Bathed in sweat, I creep to the entrance. Finally the time has come. Unfortunately, just now the postwoman comes and looks at me as I stand in front of the door. A lady lets me in. Syonera is stuck in the traffic chaos in Dresden and I still have
to wait. My eyes wander over the many SM toys, but a certain pressure is gone. I no longer feel observed and among my own kind. Then the door
opens and Syonera enters. She is just as friendly and easy-going as it was back then and I immediately like her. We discuss the details, and I’m so excited that it is difficult for me to sort everything out. A short time later I take a shower and ring the bell, which serves as a sign that I can be picked up. The adrenaline level rises extremely high and I’m shaking with excitement again. It feels a little like drug addiction, only that the subject is
the session. The longing for this increases immeasurably in the last few minutes. The door opens and the goddess stands in front of me in a uniform. Due to her size, clothing and demeanor, she immediately appears superior. I can feel her uniform on my naked body. Even the slightest touch irritates them down to the tips of their feet. The intoxication begins. I am under interrogation. The interrogator assumes that I have molested
women. Of course I deny everything. But she spits in my face and hands out a couple of slaps. Since I am unreasonable, she tortures me with electricity
and a so-called vacuum pump. This inflates my penis. This becomes quite painful over time. I confess part of the allegations but try to downplay
everything. It is in these minutes that you can see your strength. Her smug smile sweetens the act and her feeling for the longings of the slaves is absolutely brilliant. Since I am going to give prizes for very intimate things about her, I will not reveal her name. The goddess threatens that I will be used as a toilet and that she will show up with another lady. I am now tied to a chair and almost go crazy. I’m going crazy with excitement because I know what’s to come. She comes back with a “doctor” who knows how to report that the toilet in the house is broken. Unfortunately, it just has to be big. I have to lie down next to the toilet chair. She pulls up her doctor’s coat and pulls down her panties. Then she sits down on the toilet. Madness! All levers have been thrown for me. I’m just fixated on this situation. She lights a cigarette. I am waiting longingly for her rosette to open and the KV to leave her beautiful bottom. Now I regret that I agreed beforehand that today I prefer to practice the fetish “softly”. But despite my horniness I don’t beg for it. The respect for KV is still there even after so many sessions. When the solid sausage appears, my horniness reaches its peak. I watch the spectacle excitedly. This stark contrast between “nice bottom and KV” turns me on. The KV falls into a medical pan that is already filled with piss. At first I don’t smell anything and I turn to the container to capture the smell. It excites me, but suddenly it is really intense! Now I knew again why I chose the soft version and not lying with my face under her butt. Here’s a tip for all beginners. I know our mental cinema makes us believe that it doesn’t stink so much with pretty women. Forget it! KV is KV and it smells. It doesn’t matter whether the woman is thin, fat, younger or older. No, the
nationality, hair color or other criteria that are floating around in your head do not change anything. In particular, the previously consumed food forms the smell. But one thing is fact, the more attractive you find the lady, the more the horniness and insensitivity to it increases. Nevertheless, you are never immune to nasty surprises. I therefore recommend that all beginners
first watch how the mistress makes the water toilet. You have the kick of watching, you can feel the smell. However, it does not unfold as violently as
the water contains it. Another possibility is to get used toilet paper in your face. Here the smell is softened and more bearable. All KV hardcorers will
probably laugh at me “softie” at this point, but there are different characteristics. The interrogation continues. The goddess has strapped me down again and torments me with electricity on my breasts and my penis. Forgive me for not being able to memorize all the details when I am intoxicated. She threatens to piss on, fart and maybe even shit on me. She leaves the room again and comes back with another friend who happened to be a guest. She can watch the game. Syonera had mentioned earlier that her friend might have to fart or piss. The girlfriend is a very attractive, slim and dark-haired lady. What a bummer, she’s my type too! I know that
unfortunately she will really only watch. But I let my imagination run wild for a moment and imagine that it will do it. Again, I’m extremely horny. I would willingly get under her bum if she really had to and be ready to do it. This SM demon is a devil! Just 20 minutes earlier, I had turned away from the KV at some point because I could no longer withstand the smell. I am ready now. Incredible! Instead, I lie down under the toilet chair and Syonera sits on it. Unfortunately, for acceptable reasons, she is not able to hand in KV today. In fairness she had said this beforehand and it also went down in price. I’ve seen it differently with other women! She still leaves the vision to me and pushes hard. Nothing comes. For this I shower in her pee. For the last few minutes I lie under her bum and imagine that she is about to fart. Every now and then I squint at the other lady who is watching the spectacle. Syonera works on my penis until I cum gigantically. What an orgasm! I have never experienced orgasms of this intensity during “normal” intercourse. I’m just happy but also exhausted. A week ago I had a session in which both women gave KV. Still, I didn’t have as good a feeling there as I do today. The overall experience topped this by far. After showering, we evaluate what we have experienced and she says goodbye to me in a friendly manner. I jump to the car, turn up the music and let everything sink in. The 2 hours go by in a flash. I could drive forever because now comes the difficult part. The demon takes its toll! So far I have not found a way to “re-enter” everyday life painlessly. I used to do drugs and had similar experiences. The intoxication was awesome but the time after that and the fading away was hell. I go to a gym and work out like a madman. I can’t get the penetrating smell of the KV out of my head. During certain exercises it comes to my mind so strongly that I almost vomit. After that I go to a party. I feel like everyone is looking at me. I whistle a few shots at high speed. When I go home, the whole area looks gloomy and threatening. The toll is very high this time. The next day, I’m irritable and unbalanced. As I wrote these lines, I almost got over the aftermath. The demon still won’t leave me alone. After the 20th session I can draw a conclusion. The sessions with Syonera were the best next to the one with Lexi Dark (Hamburg). I tell myself that I have a good degree with Syonera. It also comes full circle. It began with her and it should end. Yes, should! But very slowly the demon sneaks back into the brain. I noticed that it was the 20th session but only 19 times KV was there! Had the goddess been able to do so today, it might even have been possible to conquer the demon. But now he suggests to me that I absolutely have to experience a lady emptying herself for the 20th time. He also gives me the ideas for that. That of course for free. Isn’t he wonderful?