I as a work slave

Once again I received the unmistakable request from Lady Syonera to meet me for a work assignment. Although I had enough other things to do, I didn’t hesitate for a moment to promise to show up on time, because reliability is one of the most important qualities of a good work slave. Besides, I would never have forgiven myself for canceling an appointment for no reason, and the goddess would have punished me harshly for it. It
is this “healthy fear” that makes me so docile and that I want to feel constantly. I appeared punctually for my appointment and since Lady Syonera was still busy with other slaves, I waited patiently and full of anticipation to be there for you again in front of the door. After a few minutes she finally invited me in. Even the strict but friendly tone in which she did this made me tremble slightly. I felt that I was only meant to be there for the Goddess. This thought often makes my heart race with fear, because I notice that she could ask anything of me and I would not have the slightest strength to oppose her will, but it is an infinitely beautiful thought because I know through it only too exactly where I belong: I am at the service of Lady Syonera. I knelt in front of her throne and was once again allowed to lick the tips of your shoes clean. I love this greeting, because I can clearly express my humility and submission to the goddess at the beginning of every visit, and although this probably only means more work for me, I feel the need to express my complete devotion to her so often it’s going to show. Now I received clear instructions as to what work I had to do and was immediately sent to work. Of course, Lady Syonera checked the work regularly. Towards the afternoon she gave me a whole series of other tasks in addition to my existing tasks, and after a short time I was also given the task of cleaning the studio. Then the goddess disappeared
and left me with my chores. I had serious doubts that I could do all of this, but I am Lady Syonera’s slave and I have all of her orders to follow, so I tried to complete as many tasks as possible. After a long time the goddess came back and asked me – again in this beautiful strict tone – how far I had come. Unfortunately, I had no choice but to explain that I had not fully
achieved my work goal. She gave me the order to continue working and disappeared. Later I was called to Lady Syonera’s studio. I had to undress and kneel before her throne. Now I had to admit once again that I had not done all the work, although it would have been my duty. Even then, I felt a great humiliation. For me as a work slave, there is hardly anything worse than having to admit that I have not done all my tasks correctly. I just have to serve; I explained what exactly I hadn’t done. Of course, this misconduct was not simply accepted. As a punishment, I received a few powerful blows on my slave’s ass. I did not feel this as a punishment, but rather as a release, and although every blow was skilfully set and hurt badly, I would have endured even more for the goddess. Because of my misconduct, I had laid a
great debt on myself that I wanted to get rid of. Only consistent punishment could free me from this guilt and it is of course the first right of the goddess to punish me whenever she pleases and for whatever reason. Now I had to vow to get better, get dressed and walk. I simply should have worked faster. and wouldn’t done my Job so thoroughly. This, too, would have evoked the understandable anger of the goddess. So I think that despite the punishment, I would probably do almost everything again. I would know that I would have to suffer again for it, but I would have done at least some of my tasks properly. With the resulting satisfaction, I would have willingly accepted almost any punishment for the unfulfilled tasks. For me as a slave of the goddess there is only HER well-being, my own has to take second place, the only thing that matters is Lady Syonera’s well-being, I am only part of the Goddess tools for comfort there.